Samplers 4 pack (Free Shipping*)


Want to try out our teas but can't decide which one? 

Try our Sampler pack which comes with 4 different teas you can try every day of the week! Each pack provides 3-5 serves so you can decide which one you love. 

The Sampler 4 Pack comes with:

- 1 x Crystal Blue Tea

- 1 x Glow Tea

- Your choice between Herbals (Zzz/Purify) or Caffeinated (Le Grey/Spiced)


* Note : We offer FREE SHIPPING within AUSTRALIA if this is the ONLY item purchased. Free shipping does not apply to any other product unless the total order is over $50. 

Please enter the code : FREESHIPPINGSAMPLERS when checking out to claim your Free Shipping on this Sampler pack! 

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