4 Ingredient Bubble Milk Tea (no sugar) May 25, 2018 00:08

A healthy 4 ingredient Bubble Milk Tea recipe (also vegan) you can whip up in no time! Now you can enjoy homemade boba tea at home with real ingredients.


French Earl Grey Tea Latte Recipe May 23, 2018 16:49

For this Winter, we have come up with a warm French Earl Grey Latte with Cacao and Coconut Sugar Recipe for you to try!


What is Butterfly Pea Tea? April 15, 2018 23:37

Butterfly pea tea is a natural blue tea often used in South East Asian countries as a natural blue food dye, tea drinks and beauty products. Find out more about why it is blue and how it naturally changes colour to purple!


Hydrate Sparkler Recipe!!! April 15, 2017 10:25

A Hydrating Hibiscus Iced Tea to enjoy in the summer time with friends and family! This red ruby infusion is great for quenching thirst with lots of electrolytes and Vitamin C. With only 4 ingredients for the syrup, it's super easy to whip up!

Swizzling Baileys with Spiced Tea October 23, 2015 17:49

If you love chai, you will love this on a Friday night with a group of friends! Plus it's really easy to whip up, recipe below:


- Small pot of Spiced Tea (350ml)

- 50mL Baileys Original Irish Cream

- Dash of raw honey

- Ice cubes

- Cinnamon scroll (optional as garnish)


1. Scoop 2 teaspoons into a pot of boiling water. Let is steep for 2-3 minutes.

2. Add a dash of raw honey and Baileys.

3. Pour into a glass with some ice and stir with the cinnamon scroll. Voila! Done. 

Best served chilled so would be ideal to simply cool it down first.